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T'ai Chi Instructor Spotlight

headshot-christy-heinrichFeatured Instructor: Christy Johnson

Christy Johnson has been teaching T’ai Chi for over 5 years and has trained under the wise hand of Sifu Doug Armstrong.  While passionate about sharing her love of T’ai Chi with others, Christy is currently on hiatus from teaching while being open to new teaching opportunities.


Quick Bio


Reno/Sparks T’ai Chi Instructor Christy Heinrich

As a young mother of three, Christy worked for fifteen years in the health food industry while studying alternative health therapies, including kinesiology, iridology, herbal therapies, and meditation. As computers became more popular she moved into the technology field and used her ample communication skills to advance her career.

In 1995 an accidental tumble down a flight of stairs resulted in a back injury, and four years of constant pain. Christy was determined to regain her balance, mobility and health. Seeking an alternative form of therapy, Christy by chance found T’ai Chi and realized the power it held to move energy and heal.

Studying under the revered T’ai Chi Ch’uan Sifu Doug Armstrong, Christy spent more than three years ‘learning from the master’.  During this time Christy came to understand Yang Style, Long Form well enough to begin teaching others.

Christy is also a grandmother of seven and owner of her own small business, Stone Carver Technologies.